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Urban Buzz Exhibition

Urban Buzz Exhibition


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Involvement with the excellent civic group Better Archway Forum has been a natural extension of Tom Young’s focus on neighbourhood level urban design. The Urban Buzz exhibition was a great opportunity to formulate ideas and produce imagery about renewing the main office block cluster in Archway. There are clear opportunities which remain unrealised here, built on the idea of re-use rather than comprehensive redevelopment. The malign local effect of the unutilised office block complex is a classic example of irresponsible freeholding.

Gospel Oak Small Work Places

Gospel Oak Small Work Places



Gospel Oak

We have lobbied for years that one of our long-standing study areas - Gospel Oak - is suitable for the diffusion of small scale business space development, but only if the business itself owns and develops the new workspace. Only that way is business active on site from the word go.

Quotation from Michael Porter’s report “The Competitive Advantage of the Inner City”:

The lack of businesses and jobs in disadvantaged urban areas fuels not only a crushing cycle of poverty but also crippling social problems such as drug abuse and crime. And, as inner cities continue to deteriorate, the debate on how to aid them grows increasingly divisive. The efforts of the past several decades to revitalize inner cities have failed. The time has come to recognize that revitalizing the inner cities will require a radically new approach. While social programs will continue to play a critical role in meeting human needs and improving education, they must support—and not undermine—a coherent economic strategy. The question we should be asking is how inner-city-based businesses and nearby employment opportunities for inner city residents can proliferate and grow. A sustainable economic base can be created in the inner city, but only as it has been created elsewhere: through private, for-profit initiatives and investment based on economic self-interest and genuine competitive advantage.

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Young Artists

Young Artists



Princelet Street

Along with the art entrepreneur Louisa Howick, Tom Young conceived the idea of a show of work by London-based artists in the lead up to the Barcelona Olympics.

Our aim was put on a show emphasing artisanal skills in a part of London where craftwork used to be an important industry.