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Malden Place

Malden Place



Kentish Town

This project for a shop-owner was to convert derelict lockups into a family home. TYA negotiated a swift planning consent for a new-build 3-bed house with a small garden.

With the client, various options were explored before settling on the small family-house option.

The building was completed at the end of 2014. Despite a complex construction phase, the project was on budget.

Gayton Crescent

Gayton Crescent




The design of this sidehouse scheme in Hampstead in north London relates to the pattern of opportunistic house construction on plots adjacent to existing houses in the area. Several different complete designs were considered before this one was agreed by the client.

Walters Way

Walters Way



Honour Oak, London

This extension and retrofit scheme of a house by Walter Segal entailed a comprehensive redesign of the internal organisation of the house to achieve a comfortable arrangement for the increased volume. External changes included two storey and single storey side extensions. Work is currently underway.