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Kentish Town Future

Kentish Town Future



Kentish Town

This report for Groundwork Camden grew out of a previous project reviewing opportunities for new breakthrough pedestrian links between West Kentish Town and Kentish Town Road. The two halves of the area have long been awkwardly connected. New pathways were and are an interesting way to address the larger problem of obstructive commercial landholdings right in the heart of the area.

The huge potential of KT is related to the future of its railway lands. The report for Groundwork attempted to open up debate about the future. Only now, with the emergence of the Localism Bill is that conversation coming alive although all the old pitfalls await the unwary.

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Hackney Central

Hackney Central




This study of the Hackney Central urban centre, north of the Graham Rd junction, was carried out to explore opportunities for urban design improvement to support town centre business and popularity. The work divided the area in sub-areas for which a costed menu of interventions was offered. The work was received by the client Groundwork Hackney and its Council partners with great enthusiasm and was considered an exemplary planning report.

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Upminster Town

Upminster Town




This commission from Groundwork to show ways to improve public space in Upminster’s centre was a chance to work on a suburb with justifiable pretensions to being a discrete town. The role of the landscape in defining the separateness of Upminster was an obvious starting point. The narrative potential of the town’s distinct open spaces to refer to landscape and its different qualities was a way to develop the landscape theme. The project was immensely interesting although held up by the strong conservatism of the settlement and its politicians.

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